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Why Many Token Projects Fail Before Launching

Launching a token and distributing airdrops involve complex tasks like coding in Clarity, setting up smart contracts, handling secure transactions, and more. It's overwhelming!


20 hrs to learn Clarity


Struggle to find time


Quit launching token

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Users save hundreds of hours in learning Clarity for deployment and airdropping tokens!

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What will you save?

Launching Your Token Without a Programming Background

Thinking of launching a token but worried about the complexity and time commitment? Here’s a breakdown of what you might expect:

  • 20 hours of learning Clarity

  • 2 hours of creating smart contract

  • 2 hours of testing contract

  • 1 hour of learning deployment

  • 2 hours hours of get tokens holders list

  • 2 hours hours of creating airdrop contracts

  • = 30+ hours of headaches

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Our Features

Discover the Ultimate Dapp Tools with STX.CITY

Deploy SIP-10 token

Deploy SIP-10 token nocode

Simply enter your token name, ticker, supply, URI, and sign the contract. Your token will be deployed in seconds

Airdrop tokens

Airdrop tokens

Easily airdrop to the top holders of different Stacks tokens with a single click!

Listing Token

Listing Token

Listing your token to DEX like Velar, Stackswap, ALEX



Explore a curated list of deployed tokens on STX.CITY, ranked by trading volume and number of holders



Manage your assets including STX, SIP-10 tokens and NFTs across multiple wallets

Swap Bot Notification

Swap Bot Notification

Get real-time alerts on $STX trades, whale movements & dumps. A helpful monitoring tool for the Stacks ecosystem


Choose the plan that fits your needs. You can view more details on the Pricing page

Deploy Fee

Option 1

  • 2 STX
  • Plus 0.1% of your initial tokens

Option 2

  • 4 STX
  • You keep 100% your tokens

Customize message

  • 1 STX

Airdrop Fee

The airdrop fee is determined based on the number of wallets

  • If there are 200 wallets or fewer, the fee is 1 STX
  • If there are between 100 and 500 wallets, the fee is 2 STX
  • If there are between 501 and 700 wallets, the fee is 3 STX
  • If there are between 701 and 1,000 wallets, the fee is 4 STX

Deploy token, do airdrops and get listed on top Stacks DEX

Don't waste time on learning Clarity and setup smart contract